What are Bitcoins?

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Bitcoins are one of several types of crypto coins currently in use that can be used in transactions such as payments between users or companies anywhere in the world without the need for a centralized entity.

Unlike traditional banks, bitcoins use a system based on a decentralized database (known as a blockchain) that records all transactions made and is maintained by the collective effort of the devices in the network.

The great popularity of bitcoin comes precisely from the fact that it is possible to carry out monetary transactions of a certain amount of money without this action passing through banks and therefore not being subject to commissions and other fees.

There are even universities in Switzerland, UK and others that accept payments in bitcoins. Even companies like Microsoft, already allow in their online store the purchase of mobile applications and games. Wikipedia also accepts donations through bitcoins.

Even some, restaurants, cafes and even small shops already begin to accept this method of payment.

Although it is a fundamentally safer technology than centralized systems, there is, however, some care to be taken and like everything else, it is not 100% secure. Over the years there have been cases of several million stolen, some examples being the famous online platforms like MtGox (473 Million Dollars) to Bitstamp (5.1 Million Dollars) among others.

However despite several uncertainties regarding the future, the truth is that these crypto-coins continue to have a increase valuation and at this point have already exceeded the historical barrier of $ 10,000.


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